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There is a good chance you are already using some form of cloud based service at home or work. But the possibilities of what can be achieved are often unknown. We can provide complete solutions to provide you with reliable and functional cloud technology.

Some Of The Ways We Can Help You

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Hosted Exchange

A Premium email and collaboration service. Our hosted exchange mailboxes provide you with a massive 125GB mailbox.
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We offer both advanced email security, filtering and email archiving solutions. We can provide this with both our hosted exchange solution or your onsite email server.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a complete business solution. Comprising of Enterprise Email, File Storage, Skype and your essential desktop applications.
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Cloud Backups

We offer a range of cloud backup solutions. These solutions offer both Cloud only and Hybrid solutions for Onsite and cloud data storage. With options available for Desktops, laptops or Servers.

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We utilize Microsoft Azure to provide complete infrastructure solutions within the cloud. Providing you with an infrastructure for your applications and services.
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Hosted Telephony

Our Cloud telephony solutions offer great advantages instead of your traditional office telephone system. With the ability to work from home or on the road. This solution has great advantages to work alongside other cloud products and services.

Our Best Selling Products.

We offer a range of cloud solutions for businesses. However there are some solutions in more demand than others. Below are our most regularly sold products.
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Hosted Exchange

A good email platform is essential for any business. Gone are the days of old fashioned POP and IMAP email services. They simply dont provide the stability and functionality that a business requires.

There are several solutions on the market, however we have chosen a Hosted Microsoft Exchange platform for our customers. It is the market leader of messaging solutions and offers a expandable array of added features, that you just don't get with other services.

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Cloud Backups

For any business their data can be their biggest asset. In the modern age we live in, it is critical to ensure your data is backed up, and is also easily accessible in the event of a disaster.

We offer several options when it comes to backing up your data to the cloud. With both cloud only and hybrid solutions

Our solutions ensure your data is Encrypted and transmitted in a secure manner.

Why Choose Cloud Computing?

Cloud services can often subsidise the requirements of a server. The cloud could offer multiple benefits, especially if you have a lot of sales people on the road or staff that work from home. This reduces the overhead of IT administration. 

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Reduced Overheads

Using the cloud instead of in house servers and software is a no brainer when it comes to reducing overheads. No longer will you be faced with high costs having to replace hardware. The cloud will also reduce your support and maintenance costs.

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Connected Workforce

Cloud solutions enable flexibility within your workforce, Staff can work seamlessly on the road or from home. It can improve productivity, enabling your staff to make better use of their time when in or out of the office.
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Business Continuity

The cloud offers an enhanced level of continuity for your business. You wont suffer in the event of a power cut or office closure. Simply work from home. Combine your cloud IT infrastructure with a hosted telephony solution and you will never need your office again.

Cloud infrastructure For Your Business.

Find Out How The Cloud Can Work For You

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