Making the right decisions when  changes are required in your business can be confusing, and costly. We are experienced in making these tough decisions. And can guide you through the process from the start right to project delivery.

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IT Strategy

Planning and creating an IT roadmap for your business, to ensure the technology is ready for growth and change.

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IT Security

Making sure your systems and data is secure and protected from the threats that businesses face with technology rapidly growing and changing.

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Business Continuity

Ensuring your business is able to continue working in the event of a disaster or interruption. Making sure systems are in place when you need them.


Our consultants can also look at key areas of your IT systems to, evaluate their uses and to make sure they are fulfilling what they should be. We typically get asked to look at the following areas of customers IT systems.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Probably the most critical element of any business is the security of your data, combined with the availability and accessibility if something does go wrong.

When looking at a business, it is important to put a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure processes and procedures are ready, this makes sure data is protected with plans for recovery if ever needed.

We are also asked to look at means to minimise impact in the event of a disaster or failure. We can make recommendations to reduce impact if something goes wrong. With cloud computing, working towards disaster recovery and business continuity is more accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes. 

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IT Roadmapping

We help businesses to plan for future change and growth.

It is important to consider both medium and long term changes in a business, and ensure that their IT systems are ready to facilitate the growth. It is also important to include planning of hardware and software replacement in a business, to ensure unsupported software or hardware is replaced in good time.

We include IT roadmapping and Strategy to all of our Managed Services customers as part of their regular reviews.

Why We Are Different?

We beilive we can make a difference to your business. And heres why.
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Unified Solutions

Because we can provide both your IT and Telecoms solutions, we can look at the entire Technology in your business as a whole.

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Multi Vendor Platform

We work with several leading providers of solutions and products. Because of this we can always make the best recommendation to fit your requirements and budget.
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Our consultancy services are either provided as part of our Managed Services or on an ADHOC project basis. This offers complete flexibility for your individual needs. 

IT Consultancy For SME's.

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