More than Just IT Support

Managed Services is the Rolls Royce of IT support. Providing a comprehensive service, to enhance the way your business functions, this enables you to worry about the more important things.

Whats included?

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Pro-Active Support

Constantly working behind the scenes, to identify and resolve the problems before they impact your business.

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Re-Active Support

Essential Re-Active support for when you run into problems. A straight forward call or email to our service desk, to get the help you need.

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Remote Monitoring

Making sure your critical systems are working how they should be 24x7x365.
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Patch Management

Ensuring your systems are up to date with the latest software and security updates. Automatically deployed to ensure you are protected from the latest threats.
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Managed Antivirus

A core function is our Managed Antivirus solution. This provides you with the essential protection, needed in the modern age we live in, with protection against the latest ransomeware outbreaks.

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Management Reporting

Regular management reports, show your service, monitoring and patch management usage. Ensuring you can see the value we add to your business.

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HELPdESK Platform

A fully managed Help desk system at your disposal 24x7x365. Allowing you to view and log service requests.
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Intergrated Cloud

Our Managed Services can be bundled with the cloud services you require. From hosted exchange to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.
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We take the stress out of dealing with your third party suppliers. We will liaise and manage your software vendors and telecoms  for you.


Our technical engineers and consultants, will provide you with the technical expertise and support you need, whilst maintaining and pro-actively resolving faults, before they  impact  your business.

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THe HelpDesk Platform

At the core of your Managed IT service, is our help desk system, all faults and activity is recorded, enabling us to report usage of our services,  and to help identify reoccurring faults. Any faults or changes  requested will be subject to a service level agreement, ensuring your requests are responded to,  and carried out in  timescales to meet the urgency and impact on your business.

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You will have a single point of contact, with a dedicated account manager to prioritise, and ensure your requests are resolved within your timescales. As well as providing you with monthly, or quarterly reports. Please contact us to find out how managed services can work for you.

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Technical Support

The most critical part of our service to you. A team of Friendly, and well seasoned Engineers and Consultants, to provide you with the Reactive Support you need on a daily basis.

We promise that all our engineers will speak to you in plain English, without the "Tech" jargon. Providing you with straight forward answers and solutions to your problems.


Looking after your IT systems is very important, simply falling behind on your backups, security updates and basic maintenance, could lead to more devastating affects long term.

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One of the biggest problems faced in the modern age, is the risk of a Virus or Ransomeware outbreak. The affects can be devastating to your business and your reputation.

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Business Continuity

Ensuring that your data is secure and kept safe is critical to any business. But most importantly having plans in place to ensure you are ready, in the event of a disaster is even more critical.

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Don't let IT affect the productivity of your team. Can you afford to have staff sitting around unable to work? Minimise downtime with effective IT support that is proactive for your business.
Managed IT Support in Swindon, Bristol, Oxford And London.

Find out how we can manage the IT in your business.

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